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WILMINGTON, OH – Black Lives Matter (BLM) made headlines again with a Tweeted overused Progressive mantra: “You are eating dry turkey and overcooked stuffing on stolen land”.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

The organizations attempt to make Americans feel ashamed, guilty, or divided on a holiday meant for unity and family. Unfortunately, it fell on deaf ears for me, as I hope it will for most. It is hard to put any faith in an organization the supports defunding police, violence, and that has a co-founder that left the organization after raking in millions of dollars for personal use.

However, the bigger issue is the belief held that somehow our nation did something abhorrent and out of character before we were…well, even a nation. Throughout history, it was normal worldwide for nations or armies to claim land from battles or conquests they had won. From the Persian, Chinese, Romans, Israelis, and numerous others, cultures took part in claiming land or territory by means that weren’t docile or negotiable.

For example, Spain aligned with native Mexican tribes such as the Tlaxcaltecs, to defeat the Aztec empire. There are many historical examples one could use to demonstrate this, but we don’t need to turn an article into a novel. I encourage all to do their own research.

The practice of claiming land continued past the Formation of America, as recently as the Gulf War -when Iraq was decimated after the decade long war with Iran and it they invaded and conquered Kuwait. It was not until the US used force, did they finally leave. China is again tiptoeing around the possibility of reclaiming territory it deems as theirs as well.

Black Lives Matters is painting a different narrative to sow discord with people. They rake in millions in profit while doing so although the money never seems to be used to benefit “the causes” on their agenda.

In the meantime, Americans read these ‘tweets’ or ‘headlines’ they send out – meant to shift the paradigm in society. They are interested in getting American citizens to believe that somehow our nation is less virtuous than others, because it was created immorally or differently than every other nation on planet earth.

But the truth is, that simply isn’t true. Although we weren’t founded any differently, we do things a lot differently and independently. Like anyone we didn’t get it perfect from the start, in a relatively short amount of time we became the greatest nation the world has ever seen – The most free, accepting, and most prosperous.

Why anyone would want to distort history to make others feel guilty, I will leave that for you to decide. America came to its senses quicker than all other nations on earth, in a shorter amount of time, and it’s about time we were thankful for that this holiday season.

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